Love without Misperception

Posted on 02 November 2010

Love is found
not in misperception
but in right perception
for so long
as I see you in concept
of who I think you are
I am seeing my own judgment
about you
not loving you but using you
for my unconscious need

For all judgments are merely projections
of what I am not addressing
within myself.

There is no love
except what’s in it for me
there is no caring
except being a rescuer
there is no support
except a persecutor
seeing you a victim instead of love

For that I have
to do inner work
searching and seeking
what I am not facing
and in that space
I am led to understand
what is really in me
that disallow
love to flow through me.

For love has never left
except misperception clouding it
and in that ignorance
there is no true love
except fabrication
of what love is
manifesting itself as a

All merely a misperception.

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