Logion 8

Two striking words used in this Logion is wise fisherman, instead of any normal fisherman, and good ears. A person who is wise will make choices different than one who is not. He will be farsighted, considering all situations that will be of highest benefits; not just for himself, but also of others. As such, the choices he makes may not seem rational to many at times, but his actions will tell by the path he takes. Similarly, instead of gathering all the fetches of the day, the wise fisherman returned those which are small, so as to allow time for them to grow and also to breed, and accept only the fish that has fully grown into its fine shape. Doing so allows him long term catches rather than short term gain.

The metaphor of this meaning tells of teachings that have proven themselves through time – teachings that would have brought one over to the state of perfect Deliverance, to mean beyond the world attainment. Obviously, Yeshua being Christ himself, to mean a man who has finally developed his state of being, would have found a way out of imperfection and with his realization he would have wanted others to experience that too. He would have known that many were still seeking spiritually the many paths offered during that time but not finding a true way out of their own suffering. And he welcomed and encouraged those who were wise to consider dropping what they were adhering or following and allow their openness to just listen to what he had to say, by the metaphor of two good ears should listen.

Instead of short term gains other teachings were offering during that time, he welcomed them to practise what he had to share and let the result bear its own fruit in due time. He did not promise anything except to encourage them to listen to what he had to say and through their own faith, apply what has been taught. He encouraged self-evidence rather than conversion, so to speak.

Obviously he was not one who encourages blind faith, but through each own’s wisdom and good discernment power through deep listening, one gets exactly what J was doing his best to convey. That reminds me of the statement rephrased by J when he said, all are given but few are chosen to further mean all are given but few choose to listen. To listen is to put what one heard into practice, or to reflect deeply, instead of accepting superficially what has been spoken. Spiritual teachings are different from any other messages, considering the fact that those teachings are geared towards Truth and it involves the death of the ego or self to realize, and hence the meaning behind those teachings cannot be taken lightly in its form, as in its normal context, but to deeply consider the formless profound essence beyond the words. That applies to all forms of mainstream faith prevalent today on earth.

Consider this yardstick in determining one’s level of wisdom – if one sees something as one have normally seen before, one would have not seen correctly at all. For spiritual sight, or wisdom, has the capacity of deepening and broadening seeing, from endless different aspects and perspectives, making each seeing anew, thorough and whole, at each moment. And this can be applied to practically anything within our senses, including the mind.

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