Wisdom Leads

If you were to ask me how
I can never tell.

If you were to ask me when
I can never tell too.

If you were to ask me what
that too I can never tell.

What I can only tell
is that it is impossible to tell
more so, to show
how the path of deliverance works
as it takes intricate wisdom
to convey what is truly simple
and yet profound
into words
for you to understand.

There are tons of books
tons of knowledge
tons of words
tons of advices
yet none
conveys the direct path
that you can take
for yourself
and it is none the fault of those
neither the fault of yours
for not being able to comprehend
but the delusion helm
that forbids

Hence seek none
but aspire earnestly for wise guidance
from deepest of your heart’s desire
that you will be rightfully led
through your own wisdom
and through the wisdom of others
understanding & realization
that surpasses all

It is not in your aspiration
nor prayers
nor guidance
nor is it too your hard work
but wisdom in the beginning
wisdom in the mid
and wisdom in the end
that finally leads you over.

In unconditional love
is found wisdom
in patience
in diligence
in short, all supportive conditions.

Hence let
wisdom be your aspiration
wisdom be your practise
wisdom be your discerning
wisdom, your guidance
till end of your journey.

New Year, Old Year

To some, a welcoming event;
to others, a reminder of eminent age.

To some, a new resolution;
to others, a year of dread.

To some, a new planning;
to others, conformity.

What say you, a new year or old;
if changes are made for the sake of year,
instead of changes made within.

The year seems to change but
what changes is idea within,
the number we give meaning to
the days we imagine,
the months that seemingly tick;
all but occurring in mind.

Had there been changes,
it has to be in mind;
for if the source is not changed,
what difference will that make
of the world coming and going,
oblivion to what is stored within.

Change your mind
the world will change,
and sure it does
as what you perceive
of the world,
is what is in you, the mind.

Happy or dreadful New Year,
whatever meaning given to it,
makes no meaning
except all in the mind.