The Inevitable Undoing

Views in our minds, which is erroneous by nature, is made right and true by delusion. And with craving playing its function of holding the view in place, we have a perfect marriage of both (delusion and craving) making our views so right and not easily reversible. That is why we cannot move beyond the views that arise in our minds at each moment. In fact, due to view’s realness, we don’t at all question the view’s validity, not to mention of not being aware it is but just a view.

Take for example the sense of “I”. Do you know it is a view? You will dispute it is a view. To you, it is not a view. It is really you, a self, a person. Real isn’t it? What is real? What if that realness of “I” is actually the work of delusion? And what if with craving being in the equation, holding the view in place, you get a good experience of “I”, so difficult to notice it is actually a view. What if, what if it is true that delusion and craving are behind the scene?

What about this body that you identified as you? Real isn’t it? And the world around you with its universes – are they really real? What a question! It is crazy or even madness to think otherwise. Probably such a thought don’t even exist in your mind. To think otherwise is suicide, you may think.

But instead of brushing it aside and leave this topic hanging, what about considering the following — if there is a way of minusing delusion and craving from the mind, what would be the result? If it is true that there is such a reality in the mind called delusion and craving, would you find a way of identifying them and with the right way, solving them and directly realized for yourself the outcome of it? Probably, by then that realization cannot at all be disputed since you come directly face to face with what is true instead of just a concept told by another?

How then would you start the exploration? Obviously, you need to get information about delusion and craving. You need to know what is delusion and what does it do to the mind? The same goes for craving. You need as much right information about them. If you have not heard about them you don’t even know they exist. If you heard it you cannot just believe it except to find it out for yourself whether they are true or false. And where would you get this information? Surely it must be from those who have explored and found them. And where then can you find such being?

That is a big mission. And even if you found one, you have to make sure his case of realizing delusion and craving is for real. Real to mean came into a direct realization of it. Are you ready for it? Are you sure you wish to walk in this direction — the truth and nothing but the truth — about yourself, about the world and the universe?

If you are sincere to know, you can be certain there is a way. Or, rather the Way will find you. As the old adage goes — when one is ready the Master will appear. But if you wish to forget what you have read and taken it as just another fictitious wild imagination, nothing is lost. One day, you will question yourself, as the journey had already begun when you unknowingly started reading this material. Time will tell. Nothing is wasted in the scheme of time, except ignorance. Welcome to the process of the undoing of what you thought is real.

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