Past and Future is but NOW

The past has always been in the present as what is not resolved in the so-called past is always being brought back into the present. In truth what is not resolved in the present is brought forward into the next present, and probably another umpteen presents until what needs to be resolved, resolves itself through completion, by way of understanding and realization.

The act of resolving seems to go back into time but really, it goes forward in time. It undoes the past in the present and thus releases the future. And what is future but another present presenting itself again. Past, present and future are not separate, except seen in linear experience. In fact without the experience of time, past and future are always each presenting itself in the present moment. Hence it will be true to conclude that the problem of the present is in reality, the same problem unresolved from the past, albeit shown in a different storyline now.

Life is like a kaleidoscope, presenting itself anew, of what is old. The glass chips never change except in positioning and with it creates a new pattern. The drama and storyline unfolds in everyone tells the history of what was in the past, repeated again once more, and yet another, until what needs to be learned is learned thus totally released. For it is what is not learned and released is what needs to be repeated. Hence the lesson of the spiritual journey is in constant lookout for what is being clung onto – the attachment and resentment we have upon the world, for each present itself a tiny invisible hook, making what seemingly is in the present to repeat itself in the future. In reality there is nothing that can be clung unto except the illusion of the mind holding steadfastly to it. Due to its ignorance, the game of holding on persists into the next immediate now, called the future. Hence future is not somewhere separated from the now, but a continuous unbroken stream of illusion brought to be experienced again and again.

Without what is clung on, whence the future? The undoing is for that purpose – forgiving our brothers and sisters for what they have not done. Forgiving ourselves for what we have not done. For what is done now is actually a brought forward of the past – without seeing this reality, we cling on further to what has perpetuated in the past and proliferate it to the future, hence the experience of rebirth. Rebirth only seemingly occurs due to the illusion of clinging on. Since clinging on is illusionary, surely rebirth is illusionary too. But only when one realizes the folly of its delusion, else what is unreal is made real, as in a dream where everything comes alive, where a nightmare can be a misery until one wakes up from it. Even a happy dream will still be, a dream, until, one wakes up from it.

Hence to wake up to the reality of illusion is what wisdom is. To recognize and to realize that what is experienced in the here and now is merely a perception manifesting itself again through the senses. For it is through the senses that the world is experienced. Thus it will be correct to say that the world is found in perception and all the time occurring in the mind of each. The world is in the mind, not the other way.

The World, an Illusion – Unveiling the Truth

In this very one-fathom-long body, along with its perceptions and thoughts, do I proclaim the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world, and the path leading to the cessation of the world.
– Buddha (Rohitassa Sutta)

Whoever has come to know the world has discovered the body, and whomever has discovered the body, of that one the world is not worthy.
– Yeshua

It is interesting to observe similarity with what the Buddha said and Christ (to bring both to the title status). When both names are mentioned, I am not speaking about religion, or personnel, but about how each and everyone of us has the potential of seeing what the masters are seeing. Neither is it about blind beliefs or gimmicks.

A question was posed by one of the Ascended Masters in the book Your Immortal Reality about whether the body is in the mind or the mind in the body. It kept me questioning. Let me share a strange happening I experienced, probably a year ago, when I went for a haircut at a saloon. While waiting for my turn, I was flipping through one of those fashion magazine and came across a fascinating photo of three artisites which I rarely see coming together – Rowena Cortes, Francis Yip and Anita Sarawak. I did not questioned why the mind was fascinated by the shot.

Imagine what happened that night. I was in a function together with them having a conversation! What a creation the mind can achieve. And of course in that situation, everything is as real as you are reading this. That makes me ponder – if the dream is real and I am not aware that it is a dream, what about I am here? Is it too a dream?

If you were to give yourself a little natural awareness in observing thought just immediately upon waking up and at the same time the mind wanting to goes back to sleep again – you will be shock to recognize that whatever thought you have at that moment of time prior to your going back to sleep, becomes a reality when you fall back to sleep again. When I say a reality, I mean that the whole thought is played out as a drama, so real that it is no longer a picture but a video instead with you in it! Should I call it is a real-time movie?

Welcome to the world – a real-time movie with you as a director, producer, cast, actors, actresses, audiences – everything is YOU! If Francis Yip, Rowena Cortes or Anita Sarawak, for that matter, could be conjured by the mind, what more in this real-time movie I called the “world” is conjured entirely by the mind? Is the world, a mind creation? You betcha! Quantum physic is already proving that.

It is bizarre to recognize that when I come to a clear realization of what I truly experience is a dream, whenever I am angry, I will remember that I am not angry with anyone else except myself. Whenever I felt betrayed, I am self-betraying yourself. Whenever I are unable to forgive “somebody outside” there, in truth I am not forgiving myself. I am just fooling myself all the time! More than that – there is no one for me to be attached to except my own illusion as thoughts and perceptions.

The world is me and I am the world. More correctly, when “I” exist, the “world” came into existence, with all its thoughts and perceptions. “I” need to be resolved and in that space peace is regained.

What that is looking for is what that looks. – St Francis of Asisi