A Mind Unknown

Since unknown views came to rise
Of each moment mind comes to contact
Unnoticed these views breed surprise
From innocence now to attack

Blindly the mind investing in views
Reinforcing its belief through clinging on
From innocence to ignorance it goes askew
Unknowing a nightmare comes following on

Mindlessness indeed now the mind’s hunger
As senses continuously come to contact
Awaiting thereon unimaginable danger
From thwarted views coming to interact

Difficult indeed to ward this menace
Of persistent mindlessness way of living
With consistent wrong views in harass
Life with no wakefulness a mere misgiving

Diligence in right perception indeed a precious
For one who day and night on mindful toil
Tuning the mind towards wise gracious
An unwise mind before now been foiled

Let life be consistently lived in nobility
Whatever experience let it be seen clearly
Of a mind not ours yet our responsibility
Trusting one day this mind be left dearly

Until then diligence in presence our only bread
Reminding ourselves our mind’s business
Whilst in great challenges the world we thread
Having faith in this Way our only success

Silly Fight

are you right or am I right
just to show our might
yet there is no reason to fight
and get ourselves uptight

never was it a question of plight
except not seeing other side
hence making one height
a delusional ego like

if you face such pride
remember it’s just a persona tide
choosing again in loving stride
else what is unreal turns real wide

don’t take such serious decide
except to listen to wisdom guide
live only your life ride
till you make it right