A Journey of Each our Own

Do you notice everyone is doing their own things all the time, and yet what they are doing does not cross the path of another? It is as if there are numerous circuits moving around on earth yet there is no one circuit that criss crosses with another. Yes, you may say there are many a times when an action of someone has an impact on another’s life and because of that the direction of what should be is shifted. But this meaning could only occur with and when our limiting way of looking at things comes from should and should not. There is a bigger Balance that none of us can see and we always have the meaning that “if only things should have been otherwise” – yet, that is a lie – delusional, if I may add, as “should be” is only an engagement of thoughts, of war within, and not what truly happened.

Would it not be wise to point out that when one is affected by what is outside, it is the inside that is causing that inner discomfort, and not vice versa. We are all actors having people around us as crews. And these crews too are actors in their own rights having people around them as their crews too. There is a splendid numbers of movies being scripted at all within one moment, at one place, at one time, to each their own. We are all living in our own world of our consciousness, our own perception, our own feelings and our own imagination. We thought we are all communicating with each other. But the truth is that we are only communicating with ourselves. On the level of form, our conceptual communication is real and tangible but when we get closer to reality we are being awakened to the reality that we are all living a dream of our own, albeit unknowingly.

We have never communicated with anyone. When we hear something from outside, what is within each of us – our own conditioning of ideas and views – meet what is out there and the process of assimilation within takes place. Hence when the mind is ignorant, what it process comes from ignorant and results in an experience of ignorance. Where and when there is wisdom, what is being processed comes from the space of vastness and openness as wisdom has that potential of expanding further what is already there. Ignorance only has the nature of seeing things narrowly and hence constantly missing the mark of what is exactly potentially awaiting.

Thus in truth we are not criss crossing another’s path; rather we are merely a catalyst of triggering what is within another – for if there is a cleaning slate within another, trigger meaning becomes meaningless. We can figuratively speak that our presence in another’s  life serve as an awakening or of a deeper slumber, depending whether ignorance or wisdom is present in that person at that point in time. On the same note, people around us are also potential for us to grow or to stay stagnant. When we see this truth, life becomes more meaningful as it is no longer about getting more or getting somewhere but rather here in the now of what is being experienced for undoing to take place, for forgiveness to release what we are still holding on to, for wisening up to Truth.

What Happened in the Past

what happened in the past
is happening now
unless you are not thinking about it

what happened in the past
is not happening now
even if you are thinking about it

what happened in the past
is neither happening now nor not happening now
except thoughts thinking you

what happened in the past
is what happened in the past
fortunately as it is, even in the unfortunate

what happened in the past
did not happen in the past
except a mirage of recurring perception

what happened in the past
is not past happened
only what seemed to be

feast then all variation of sort
of which they are the same
pointing to levels of wisdom

Doing It Right

Do you notice that to change the way you look at something, you have to gear yourself with new information? For example, if you think the sun actually moves from east to west, no matter how much a person argues with you that what you are seeing is not exactly true, you will not buy into his words so long as proof is not in hand. For what you experience is always true and right to you and for you until proven otherwise, whether through your own personal understanding and realization or by another’s convincing explanation.

Similarly, to change your attitude you can’t change it overnight by simply wanting it immediately. Yes, there are exceptional cases where the reality sets in instantly and you can see obvious change pretty immediately, yet if one were to notice the mind closely before the process, there are many supportive conditions prior before hand that leads to that culmination. And because of that an obvious change in one person may not necessary be possible for another as the change is not as important as the causes that leads to it, which may not be similarly present to another. It is presumptuous to assume that what we can do, others can do too. We are all of different setup and hence to recognize that brings about wisdom and compassion for another.

In the ultimate sense, we are all coming from a common nature of the mind, yet in that commonality, many variation of charateristics come into being. Even within one family a recognizable variation can be observed, what more to mention the community or society at large. What is important to notice is how each mind works and that can only be possible when we have understood and realize the nature of our own mind deeply. Mind has its own path to mean, specific conditioning will lead to specific result. The nature of mind is not random of unpredictability. It is only so when we don’t full comprehend how the whole mechanics of the mind works. Thus meditation helps in that process. Even that, only specific meditation practice can serve that end. Vipassana, or also commonly known as Insight Meditation, is a good start to that journey of understanding, realization and awakening.

The question to ask when we want to practice meditation is what is it that we will like to achieve from it. Not any kind of meditation suits anyone, and not any kind of meditation leads to the goal that we want. For example, within the Buddhist tradition there are already more than 40 variations of meditative practices for different nature of minds, for different temperament. Hence to get a honest gauge of our temperament and also our needs helps to direct the path of improving the quality of our mind through meditation. Else there are potential of certain meditation that may aggravate what is latent within our mind. Hence a skilled meditation teacher is necessary.