Just Experience

Try touching the floor, what do you experience? Hardness or “Floor”? Try tasting something. What is your experience? Is it simply tastes, or the kind of food that you are giving meaning to? When I say experience here, I am saying a journey that is exactly as it is. The tongue can only experience the basic five tastes, to name, astringent, sweet, sour, saltish or bitter and nothing more than that. Whereas the mind gives meaning to the type of food, the good and bad out of the experience. In other words there is a mental labeling and experience going on hand in hand at one moment of time. Which is more truer at that time? Both are mental activities but to you which is more real in hand? The thing that gives you experience or the talking mind?

Many a time I am hoodwinked into believing that I am experiencing the meaning rather than the actual source of the experience. For instant anger. I am experiencing anger rather than “someone makes me angry”. Get what I mean? Instead of I am feeling angry, my logic mind would say I am angry. Both have different results all together. The former is just a personal experience, kind of touching the experience call “anger” whereas the other is not really an experience but rather a target at someone “out there” who is to be blame for my anger.

I would safely said that one is true, the other false, or one is real, and the other an illusion – at that point of time.

And strangely, illusion too can be a reality experience, only when you are awake to it. In other words, just as you “experience” anger, you too can “experience” illusion. When you experience something you are just an observer to that, you are not that. In the same way you are an observer to the illusion playing in your mind and yet you are not illusional!

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