I am Done

I can’t want desireless as wanting is another desire
When I am fully present to desire, I am already in desireless.
Desire releases me.

I do not know I am in the dream
When I am aware, I realized I was just in the dream.
The dream releases me.

I can’t release my thoughts
Except thoughts releasing me
When I give presence to it.

I can’t undo the ego, as to fix it is another ego at work
When I see the working of the ego
The ego undoes me.

I cannot do surrender
As to do it is to not surrender.
When I let it be,
Surrender do me.

I cannot feel lost unless I knew I am lost.
I cannot experience bondage unless I tasted freedom
I cannot be selfish, if I don’t know what selfless is.
Either one, I am telling my own story.

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