A Movie that I wish to get out

Welcome to a new era of movie-screening, where there is no need for a special room with total darkness for projection. Neither is there a necessity for special sound effects to make it real. Everything is here on-site wherever you want it to be, right in front and around, over and below you in 3D reality without needing a big screen effect. The holographic experience makes you feel there is no separation between you and the movie. You can either be a spectator of the movie or in the movie, identifying with everything around you – from the ground you are standing on, to the props around you and the cast that is acting out the scene.

Have you seen Avatar lately? If you give attention to the cinematography and the computer graphics involved, you will observe that each new movie that comes along is getting more realistic and mind-blowing. The animation part is no longer robotic. The computer graphics and the real actors can’t be differentiated, they seems to be one with each other, seamlessly. There is no flaw for you to recognize that one is real and the other unreal. It is like standing between the door of the dream and reality. You can’t distinct them anymore. Their flow of movement is so surreal.

The new era of movie will be such that you can change the scene whenever you get involved in it.  Each time when you identified with the moment, the scene changes adapting to your thoughts and emotions. As such the movie will be real-time, changing according to your imaginations, feelings and thoughts. The scene is continuous and there is no ending to it. You practically eat, breathe and sleep in it. Even when you are asleep, the movie continues on in your dream.

The movie technology develops further and takes on a new level, allowing you to feel, touch and sense practically everything around you. In the beginning, you can’t differentiate whether it is just a movie or a reality. Overtime everything is forgotten. You took on a new position – the movie becomes your reality, and the reality that you have been in before no longer exist in your space. Overtime you become one with the movie.

This movie is in realtime and never-ending, dictated by your emotions and thoughts. It changes according to your perceptions. You eat, bathe, swim, play, everything you can do – with the movie. You no longer realized it is a movie for it becomes your reality. You don’t even have the slightest idea that you have switch from reality to illusion for the transition between them is seamless. That is what birth and death is, to many.

One day, a serial of questions arose in you for reasons you are not apparent to. What if what I am going through now is not real? What is it like to be out from this reality? How do I go about it seeing that possibility? And hence begins your journey out from it. You start taking little notice of what is around you. You become more and more aware of the flaws that is found in this reality that is not congruent to your observation. The movie that is influenced by your thoughts and emotions flow according to your suspiciousness. Each time you are in doubt, the flaws are no longer seen as flaws. And each time you wake up from it, the flaws become apparent.

You start to observe a salient differentiation between your awareness and doubtful states, define by the apparent changes in what you are experiencing. You begin to incline more and more to the wakeful states, like a detective looking out for flaws, yet at the same time, not acting out the play so as not to be deceived back into the movie. You also observed that you have to give attention to the wakeful state consistently or else the movie takes you over.  Recognizing your wakeful states becomes your anchor. Your attention is now given inwards rather than what is out there – the movie. While anchoring yourself in wakefulness you continue searching for flaws that is blocking you from seeing the reality that you begin to trust. You need to remember the movie is close to perfection and thus seeking for flaws only makes the movie more real.

And so you learn to relax into the movie, without doing anything, awake in a state of being, of non-involvement and full acceptance, while observing the ongoing processes that is making the movie real. The more you observe, the more unreal the movie is; the more you see the irrelevancy of the movie.

By now you know for certain that there is a bigger truth “out there” beyond the movie that you are in. Your interest in ending the movie is real and yet you can’t hasten. You just continue your wakeful state and observations. And soon before you know it, you have arrived at the Reality. You are Home.

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  1. Identified with the “I” for too long. Like a bird in a opened cage that do not wish to fly out from it. In other words, ignorance.

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