Making Inquiry the Frontline

How does wisdom comes about? To me it starts from being curious or inquisitive. When the mind is inquisitive, the opportunity to inquire is higher. Inquiry tend to allow one to look at things from a wider perspective, if not deeper. Inquisitiveness is not something that is born but rather develop.

There are lots of things to be curious about in life – as the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. I am not referring curiosity to eavesdropping or nosy in other people’s business though it does widen my scope of knowledge, but not wisdom. How do I describe wisdom then? Deriving from the word wise, I will refer wisdom as a new understanding or realization that uplifts, nourishes and expands me. It assist in bringing me closer to the Truth, peace, freedom and also compassion. Anything other than that is non-profitable.

How does inquisitiveness or curiosity comes about? Consider what occurs to the mind whenever a new task is been handled. What will be the first move to get it started? Inquiring. It is a natural process for everyone of us to ponder on “how to”. “How to” naturally leads to the next step – application – applying all our skills and ideas in resolving the matter. In the process, new level of understanding surfaced. There are two kinds of inquiry – responsive and reactive questioning. Reactive questioning is not really a question but rather a complaint. But even then, when the mind settles, we will start to inquire a responsive solution.

Thus, career that promotes creativity can be helpful in developing a inquiring or questioning mind – except that I have to be on the lookout for excessive thinking and analyzing. True wisdom can only come by when I allow inquiring to arise without giving it an answer. In that space of openness, nature unfold itself. It can be now, sooner or later – but it’s fine. There is no rush to wisdom for I can’t anticipate wisdom. Neither can I expect it to arrive at my will. There is no goal-getting here.  The journey itself defines the end, not the opposite. What I can only do is to work on the causes that finally leads me to wisdom. In truth, the journey of unfoldment is more appreciative than the destination itself.

There are careers that does not give much room for inquiring. Even then, nothing is lost as attitude plays an important role in developing wisdom. If I am a creative person, I will find ways to improve my efficiency. That too is a kind of wisdom. Thus, in truth, creativity lies in me, rather than what I do.

To develop an inquiring or questioning mind, one has to be mindful of the now, as there is a tendency for the mind to work on automode. Judgments, conclusions, decisions are some of the unhealthy habits perpetuating the mind. It is interesting to note that the word “de-cide” has definition of “killing” on it – pesti-cide, homi-cide, insecti-cide etc.

Whenever I am been triggered, I gently train myself to look inward rather than outward. It is about creating a new pattern, a new habit so as to direct the mind to inquire within. This inquiry leads me to understand the mind deeper, recognizing the mechanics of how it works. Why the need to understand the mind? All mental bondage and mental peace comes from either ignoring or understanding the mind. And since I would not know when I am going to transcend the mind at any near future, might as well I start understanding it first. For understanding culminates in wisdom.

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