It’s Time to Get Real!

How would I react if I wake up one morning, awakened to the realization that the so-called reality I am in here is in fact, a reality show – playing at real time all the while? Have you ever watched a reality show, where every chosen entry and the challenges they confront are all for real, except that it is done for entertainment purposes? The life I am in now – am I being watched … by me? Am I in the show or am I merely a sole observer, being entertained by the show – my dream?

You see, I can only know I was dreaming after awakened from the dream, not in the dream itself. While in the dream everything is real. I eat, walk, talk and even argue – exact activities as I am here. Probably I am breathing in the dream too, or even experiencing sleeping. And when I am being triggered by anything, I can be angry too. I did not exclaim “eh, it is just a dream – why do I take it so real?” Could it be that everyone and everything in my dream is me – since there is no other observing it except myself, the dreamer. So, is the dream, me? That everything in it, is me?

Yet there is two me – myself as the dreamer and my presence in the dream – which am I? There is no one sharing my dream, I am alone watching it and yet participating in it. If I am a dreamer of the dream – a creator of the dream, so to speak – surely everything in it is a part of me, including the ground I stood, the people I meet, the air I breathe, the places I am in – everything from the minutest to the obvious – is me! Could it be my very own projection that makes the whole entire dream so real? Could it be there is actually nothing there in the dream which I call real at that moment of time, except my perception projecting and playing it all out for me to experience – like my day dreaming over somewhere else and yet was just a thought I am experiencing. Am I alone?

What if this Now, the so-called reality, can be a dream too – just that I have not awoken from here yet? That the “me” here, typing out these words,  is only a bundle of ideas replaying itself here in this dream, that everything I experienced, including this article I am writing is a part of a projection? The chair I am sitting, the computer I am looking at, the feel of the room, the disorganized table, the light in the room, the morning, the night, the you, the everything – is me, a dreamer of this dream?

Probably the “me” here is not exactly me except a part of the projection of the mind’s conjuring, fabricating out the whole entire reality? The so-called you and others around me are merely a figment of the mind’s perception, replaying out as a dream which I am not awoken to it yet? Who is the dreamer, by the way, or is there any? I can’t know unless and until there is an awakening experience of some sort, like me waking up from my dream sleep.

So what is real here? Could it be unreal? How would I know except to speculate until I come to experience it myself, the awakening. Until then I look for clues in this reality to investigate whether this is a dream or not. One thing is for sure – when I am not aware, I am liken to dreaming. When I am aware, I am out from the dream state. If this whole entire setup is truly a dream, it means I am dreaming in a bigger dream! What a bizarre thought!

I am here and yet I am not here!

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