Being Whole and Complete to What Is

Answers or realizations comes a calling when I open up to inquiry. It may not be immediate, it may not be later, but that is none of my doing. My “doing” in the Now is to remember to be here, in the now, so as to facilitate observation instead of allowing the mind to be idle in status quo, taking everything that comes its way for granted.

And that needs proactive attitude in me – to see things afresh and anew. Not just giving attention on the objects but also keep guarding myself from falling into the complacency attitude. I learn to be ahead of time, so to speak, to keep recognizing what has just arisen in me. Am I judgmental? Am I concluding? Am I wanting? As I observed, I don’t make them wrong – I use them as an opportunity to understand their nature – how they arise and why they arise. The more I observe in this way, the more I will recognize a consistent pattern in all of them, thus understanding the mechanics of the mind work.

I observe the play of conditioning in each pattern – the cause and effect of it. Recognizing this, the wise part of me chooses what is to my highest good – the good that brings about peace, love and freedom. I don’t choose them – wisdom chooses. My job is just to keep recognizing the unwholesome attitude that is detrimental to my wholeness. My job is just to inquire openly through observation.

Ignorance chooses too but out of a perceived idea of the past – hence judgment and conclusion. I am on guard to recognize whether wisdom or ignorance is present. I may not be able recognize both in the beginning and my tool is only to bring in more information from those whom have gone through this pathway. With those background information as my tools, I watch for any pattern of resistance or holding on to what is. I have to be authentic with myself. Authenticity reveals the truth that may not be sightly to me, from years of ignorance, but I trust that there is always an opportunity of transforming what I experienced to understanding. I just need to bear witness without stepping into the process of unfoldment.  The more I observe the more I see the causal relationships of mind states – how each states are conditioned by what I intent. This insight is the beginning of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Creating new pathways become easier once I know what is detrimental to my peace, love and freedom. Before that can come into my space, I open up myself to inquiry, appreciating each moment of awareness and inquisitiveness to what I am observing in life. I am on my inward journey home.

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