Nature of Existence is Non-existence

Everything in existence has its own check and balance processes – a natural law that governs everything that exist, from the micro to the macro level, including the universe itself. It is like an in-build mechanism found in everything – whether be it tangible or intangible, animate or inanimate – all has the inherent nature to arise and cease by itself, moment after moment. Conditioned by its ceasing, it arises again. Conditioned by the arising, it ceases again, in continuum. This conditional principle is spread unconditionally throughout existence – not one is spared from it.

There is no wrongness in this movement of processes, neither is there possibility of things going wrong – for everything, from the minutest level, is taken care of in itself, moment after moment, in perfect harmony. How could it ever go wrong when anything that comes into existence perishes immediately? There is no chance for it to move further into any conflict or entanglement other than to cease instantaneously. If ever there is an entanglement, it will only be a perceived entanglement occurring between ego towards nature. Even the mind is subjected to perish – how else could it be possible for it to be entangled? The misconception of what things really are from the viewpoint of ego is the cause of the illusion of entanglement. What is ego? Misperception.

On a wider perspective, these conditioned states are what we called Nature – they are the natural workings of existence. Conditioned states are unconditional by nature as it goes beyond all forms, without any exception. It is like implying that the only permanence is impermanent itself. When I am in the space of stillness, of beingness, of surrendering – all not exempted from change itself – the flow of this nature is experienced – the natural state of change, of impermanence, occuring at all levels, including awareness itself. These phenomenon of change can be directly experience as something that is devoid of self, of doing. It is not something I can hold on to, as holding on itself is subjected to change too. Thus in existence there is not a permanent entity that can be called the same at any moment. Observing and understanding this nature is wisdom at work – a kind of experiential realization.

Do “I” really exist? Yes and no. Not as a permanent entity, but as Nature – subjected to the conditioning of arising and perishing, moment after moment. Consciousness, perceptions, feelings or mental formations, perish as it arise, and conditioned by perish, it arise again.

Like a dream, I cannot say it does not exist, neither is it in existence. Only when I do not understand and realized the principle behind these experiences that I took it personal – and from that arises the misperception of control; of holding on and resistance – all springing from the ignorance of this nature. That is where delusion works.

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