Essence Quickie: To Lose Myself is to Find Myself

When the “me” keeps coming in the way, it interrupts the flow of inspiration that is always awaiting arrival. When I think I know, I disallowed something deeper to arise. When I give up knowing, opening up to non-knowing, thinking ceases and in that space, something sacred, spacious and unconditional enters my space. When I surrender, I won.

2 Replies to “Essence Quickie: To Lose Myself is to Find Myself”

  1. Only that most of the time, we are afraid of the unknown – which disallows us to release the sense of ‘control’ or to surrender. It’s ironic – it is in the surrendering that frees the blockage, where most of the time the natural flow is exactly the miracle, yet it is ‘control’ or holding on on the same miracle which disallows the surrendering. :-s

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