I Create my Own Reality

Which sentences bring confidence in you – it is difficult, but I can do it, or, I can do it, but it is difficult? Though both sentences have the same meaning, somehow the way the sentence is phrase, brings about a different connotation and feeling. Each sentence has two ideas in it – difficulty, and my ability of doing it. The way I positioned those ideas matter to me as the consequence is dependent on that. The end result is always dependent on the final idea that exists in the mind.

Hence, if I were to request for a carpark at a certain destination and the subsequent idea is of confidence, the possibility of finding a car park space is pretty high. Whereas if the subsequent idea is of non-confidence, the potential of a car park awaiting me is practically nil, or it may take awhile for me to find it.

If I think money cannot come easy, and I have to work hard for it, that idea becomes my reality for me to experience. My truth is simply an idea. Each idea creates my reality. And that reality has no truth in it except my own. The way I see the world is my own perception.

The world is my reflection. What I have in mind will be shown in my experiences. The universe is in constant alignment with my intentions. What I create is what I get – it cannot be otherwise. If my idea is about working hard to have an income, the benevolent universe will make sure that happens – not that it is conspiring with you, but rather the universe is you. Even though I may change my thought about it but yet if the ingrained idea is still within me, the end result will reflect exactly what I am believing. My belief has took on a reality, so to speak. That is the law of causal relationship – what I sow is what I reap.

If I sow guilt, I have to reap punishment. If I sow hatred, I have to see others as enemy. If I sow love, everyone is loving to me. If I surrender, more things seems to come my way. Why is it so? Simply because my ideas are returning back to me. The universe is my echo. The Secret does not work for many simply because underlying their hearts are ideas that are in total opposite to what they seek for – that little persistent voice that is telling them who they are not.

So it will be wise to be mindful of what is running in my program – the ancient program that may no longer be useful to my present moment. That old program may have helped in protecting me in one particular past event but if I am not mindful, that program will continued on as a learned process, detrimental to my growth in another situation. The mind is simply a tool that follows what I intent. Repeated programming makes the mind runs conditionally without much wisdom in it. For that I may be trapped in my own unconscious doing.  Hence, the importance of awareness of the present moment.

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