A Trip of Certainty

Is the movement clockwise or counter-clockwise? Observe a little more longer and you will see how your perception changes. Are we choosing what we want to see, or the mind is conditioning us what to see? Do we really have a choice? What about the things we see around us – is it real? Or “real” only to our own perception, in other words, our own imagination? If that is true, can we really trust what we see?

The mind make us see things according to its own conditioning rather than what it is. Imagine the numerous uncountable ideas fed into our mind each day and in return the mind make conclusions for us to experience – be it see, hear, taste, touch, smell or think. And that colors us from what we experience. Not one moment of experience is genuinely new as they are all colored by our past perceptions. When we are not aware of this reality, we took what we experience as ultimate truth. Herein lies our righteousness. Or would I say “wrongeousness”, if ever there is such a word? How can we arrive to Truth when we are not aware of this False?

Until and unless we see the illusion of our perceived reality, we are on a merry-go-round trip, never left our seat of ignorance. It does not matter if we are not aware of our ignorance, but when we wake up to our misperception, the journey forward is a non-return trip. A long trip of undoing the entire entanglement of disillusion of the self.

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