The Inception Game

Never mind the refund. Not even lodging a complaint. In the very first place, I didn’t even ask to be in this amusement park without having an end to it, where I can walk out as freely as I entered. Neither am I aware that getting my way out of this park is another game I need to figure out, besides what this park offers. It is not stated in the rules before I stepped into this darned nightmare.

Welcome to Elm Street or closer to a newer version of disillusionment, Inception, where dreams are carried into multidimensional layers. Isn’t that what life is all about? Obviously we can only know what we know and not know what we do not know and thus to have this latest movie at our local screen is a confirmation that we are so well-versed with this thing called life that we are able to create unimaginable, though not unfamiliar, stories out of it – while we await our turn to find our way home.

But who was I prior to entering this park? Or do I really exist except as a residual memory of disconnectedness? What if I was to find my ticket home, will I, at the very eleventh hour, resist? Though I am pretty tired of the games this park has to offer, yet there are many a times the happiness I get from the little experiences in between makes me feel otherwise.  But then again, after each exhilarating moments, I am left with an unanswered question of what’s next? The darn thing about it is that I keep forgetting. Seems like this is one of the many unseen rules that exists in this park – that makes me replay the game again and again, albeit in a fresh but yet not unfamiliar game, having similar endings of boredom that propels the what’s next idea popping up in my head.

The great thing about this park is that I am given the freedom to create my own game, along with the set of obvious rules I have to subscribe to. Mind you, the rules are further categorized into seen and unseen. The unseen rules are pretty tricky as they manipulate my perceptions and trap me further into the game.

The seen or obvious rules are four by default, where I am not able to manipulate and change – that there is a beginning and an end to each game, with in betweens of intermittent breakdowns and gradual degeneration. And if I were to play the game unfinished between these four, I have to continue a fresh game somewhere, someplace, somehow – within this borderless multidimensional confinement of the park and without having prior memories of what I have created. Well, we humans have cleverly coined the four as birth, death, sickness and aging to define the seen rules. These four rules are unavoidable. Other than these, everything goes.

One of the unseen rules, causal relationship of cause and effect is primarily the underlying condition to the whole theme of the park. It makes change possible. The word eternity though exist in our human language, does not exist in reality. It only defines a long period of unknown time without change in it. Where there is change, eternity is out of question as the game may get unimaginably unpredictable, unfolding or ending abruptly. Change creates the meaning of time and space, distance and length, forms and transitions. The four seen rules are governed by this primary unseen rule of cause and effect.

Due to the nature of these seen and unseen rules, hence there exist the seen and unseen experiences. For example, what can be seen may be pleasant, but yet in the unseen, the unpleasantness is lurking, unknown to the beholder. For that is the nature of occurrences in this game – that they exist in pairs, in duality opposites. The like and dislike seems to be the main reaction to each experience within the game. As the game unfolds itself unpredictably, the reactions unfold itself predictably within the confinement of both like and dislike in forms of desiring and resisting, holding on and pushing away, inclining or declining.

Rarely are there impartial responses to each experience in the game. But one thing I am certain; where there is impartiality experience of object and subject relationship, a shift is felt – the game seems to take on a twist – an ending of sort. For that I have to be aware, to be mindful of the play of the unseen rules, a force that propels me to go further. Once this force is understood, the ending journey of the game begins; the undoing of what I have created in unknown immemorial time. And as the tiny light is found at the end of the tunnel, I am seeing the possibility of ending the game within the game to find my way home safe – the home that is unconditioned, uncausal, uncreated, and eternity…

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  1. I watched the movie “INCEPTION”…..and was left wondering about the power of the mind(subconscious mind)!!! Many methods are used this days to get the best out of our subconscious mind – affirmations, visualizations etc all to harness the power of the MIND.

    To me I felt that humans will throw themselves into the web of “Desires” until they begin to realise that the search should be inside you. Many times we seek outside, not knowing the search ends within us….

  2. That is why in many age old teachings, the key practice is non-doing – neither doing or not doing. The non-doing is the undoing of the ego, the end of clinging and the realization of freedom.

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