What Words can do to Me, and Others

what I give to the world
I give either with ignorance or wisdom
am I aware?

with ignorance the world is led astray
if it is wisdom
it can only be a symbol of symbol
twice removed from reality
… so where is there truth except meanings?

as much as I would like
to accurately convey my understanding
words will always inadequately
portray my wishes

no matter how best I try
words will remain as words
and yet behind those words
are essence of what I intend

thus read between the lines
and reflect deeply what has been conveyed
but then again
do you have a choice
or can that be ever possible?

considering that you can only know
what you know
and do not know
what you do not know

as words enter your sight
your ideas
will read according to what it perceives
how then could it be possible
that you are able
to understand fully what I am trying to say?

it is a mission impossible
to point to Truth
as Truth is not to be spoken
but only to be realized
but yet, but yet
if Truth is not conveyed
how then could one realize there is such journey?

and here I am back to ground zero
asking myself
to speak or not to speak
as either is a dilemma

can I take charge of what is out there
except what is in here?
Or that what is out there
is merely a reflection of what is in here?

that nothing needs to be done or look forward for
except reminding myself over again that
in accepting, surrendering and trusting
that what is entitled
will come in due time without
“I” getting in the way.

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