Simply Mind

The ball has, and always, will be in my court. Nothing left me and never will. The world is simply my reflection, a projection of what is in the mind. What about me to you then? Am I your projection?  This question is tricky as the projection principle doesn’t apply both ways, at least in my space. You can speak for yourself but I can’t speak for you as to do that is to deem that somehow down the line I am not fully accepting the fact that my ideas never left its source, and that’s me.

For example if I were to say that I am your reflection, I am not seeing that this sentence comes from my mind, and hence my idea. It has never left me. And since the world is my reflection, which includes you, who am I then to dictate, except my mind again? It is like blame. If I realize each blame is actually a blame occurring in my mind, to myself, I would not even care to blame myself anyhow, as to redirect it to myself is no difference than to do it unto others as it has never, never left the mind. They are merely ideas churning and playing out its own game, and I am the experience of it.

To finally undo the mind to the level of the awakened state, or enlightenment, as one puts it, never involves anyone – it is a totally personalized and alone journey. In fact it is more than just being alone as it is simply all, as in the mind. To make up the meaning of ‘alone’ is to mean bodies – that I am separated from you and thus, alone. Alone denotes a self, a person feeling it. In reality that is unreal as what occurs is merely mind play, nature taking its own place due to conditioning, arising and passing away as quickly as it comes, to be reborn again. It is beyond the meaning of self, beyond control.

Hence when I work on the mind level, being mindful of each moment the meaning the mind gives about the world – the reaction to what is – I am soon to realize that there is all it is, everything occurring in the mind. I am merely awareness and wisdom, witnessing the play of mind conditioning.

Each trigger I have about the world is what comes up in the mind, never once left me. It may seemingly perceive that the world is the cause of my reaction, but without what is already within the mind, how can I be reacting? The mind is only reacting to the dance of the world, hence “trigger” is merely an alert, indicating what I have not faced, arising again for me another opportunity to heal.

Thus to make you a scapegoat by admonishing you, by putting instructions on you on what you should or should not do is simply missing the mark of my own journey Home. Not that it is wrong to direct my attention to the world; it is simply prolonging my journey towards the destination I am longing for. It is of no wonder that the journey that takes a moment Home can take countless lifetimes as I keep forgetting that there is only me, me alone in this journey. In my absent mindedness of not remembering this Truth, I draw myself unconsciously back to the eye of the delusional swirl – the repeated arising of birth and death.

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