You Know Me and Yet You Know Me Not

You see me not
yet you sense I am around
I am not here
I am not there
I am everywhere
Yet, I am not everywhere
Neither am I above
nor below
or outside
yet I am all
but none of these are true
except my ability to conjure them all.

Who am I?
what am I?
where am I?
it’s up to you to realize
so long as you have not
you will always find me, or you, a mystery.

You cry
you laugh
you feel
you think
whatever you name it
you are constantly
fed by me
drawn by me
survived by me;

and when you finally start
to get to know me
you will be surprised
how immerse I am in you
including “you”

In the beginning you will find it strange
for the first time without me
as naked as you can feel
and yet somehow freedom is what it is
but then again when you finally realized
it doesn’t matter anymore
for like a dream
you are awakened from me
heeding me no more
for I am simply the illusion,

I am the Mind.

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