I am You

Can you not see me
right at your very sight?
that when you are seeing anything
you are actually seeing me
but yet you are not aware?

I am here and yet you see me not
You keep looking
but I have never hidden from you
your attention just needs to shift
precisely at the right angle
and you will surely see me
as clear as what you are already seeing now.

I am you.

Do you not see
that I am everything
you can possibly see,
you can possibly think,
you can possibly
or even

I am you.

When you finally get to see through me
get to know me better
you will have realize
that all your past
has been a joke
and not worth recalling
except to move
beyond me
into what is already here
awaiting your arrival

I am you.

If you are to detest me
remember that I am the one
who gives you all experiences
except but in a dream state
unreal but yet real
in my presence.

I am you.
Yet, you are not me.

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