Wisdom Leading the Way

Who am I?
How would I know?

Where do I come from?
Can I know?

Where will I be led to?
Can I be certain?

These questions
burning in one
leads one to seek
and hence begins his spiritual journey.

It does not come when there is no reason for it
and when it comes, there is no stopping or turning back from it.
And how one takes on the journey
depends much on his own wisdom
without which one will be lead to and fro
meaninglessly, confused and astray
longer than necessary for the realization to arise

But then again does he have a choice
if wisdom is not at hand
Guiding him?

What yardstick can he look for
What guidance can he trust
What measure can he take
To make sure his journey is one of surety
And not in vain?

That too has to do with his wisdom
for without wisdom
any yardstick can be misinterpreted
any guidance can be overlook
any measure can be misevaluated
and hence making what is near to be far.

So, ye, my dear truth seeker
Seek not anything but wisdom
As wisdom leads to further wisdom
to the other shore
so difficult to cross.

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