Madness at its Helm

I define my own life script
by giving specialness to each meaning
and upon it
my storyline unravels

Hence each experience
has my supporting meaning
behind it
If I see you as unfair
it is because I have my own meaning of fairness
added to the experience
but I forget all that
and make you responsible for my creation
how then can there be fairness played?

If I perceive you don’t love me
it is because I have added a script into my experience
a script called
you should love me
just as I love you

and when it does not turn out the way I want it
you become the scapegoat of my pain
isn’t it an insanity plot
against myself?

Meanings, meanings, meanings
I keep adding
making specialness
one after another
from what once had no meaning
became special meanings of want, and not want
specialness of love and specialness of hate

I define my rules
and yours, your own
and we expect another other to play our game
living in oblivion
to what we have done
expecting others to bear our doing

Indeed mad, indeed mad
is this game
unending stories of misery replaying itself
until one ends his script
and rewrite what one has erred.

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