The Post Keeps Shifting

If different sets of instructions are given to different levels of maturity, obviously, the instruction you get now at this moment changes over time. It is a sign of progress when one is able to recognize that what is told now, no longer holds the truth later on. Not that the master is indecisive or the student incompetent but simply need changes in proportion to demand.

Hence look out for rigidity or inflexibility in one’s practise. To recognize that the mind’s delay in change is the cause of delay in progress – though progress is not one’s purpose, especially in spiritual pursuit, yet when it comes to time taken, the cause is found in mind’s ignorance.

Adaptability is always a boon. And of course, the ability to discern correctly when to change is wisdom working. Be creative – for it is in creativity that adaptability is strengthen. Train the mind towards recognizing fixation and learn as many tools possible to apply a situation. Due to numerous unseen conditioning that causes a situation, the same tool will not work all the time on similar situations.

More importantly, do not conclude. Conclusion ends possibilities and makes the next level of truth unreachable. What is true is always eternal, limitless and unconditional; hence to come to a fixed conclusion is in contradiction to truth.

Higher teachings or instructions can never be given to initiates. Neither, can lower teachings be given to adepts, except to impede their potential growth. Hence proper instructions are inevitable when one progresses. For when one matures in her own wisdom, she may realize for herself many a times in life lessons that what seems to be true at a certain time turns out to incorrect later on, if not untrue.  Similarly when one comes into contact a book of profound knowledge; his understanding of what he rereads changes over time.

Hence it should not be a surprise to a sincere practitioner that the message given by his trusted guide may seem to change over time – at times contradicting and probably irrational. And that depends on the wisdom of the practitioner to investigate and question the instruction given. Some tradition or faith forbids questioning – again that will be over to the practitioner’s wisdom to either trust further or change direction. Who can really dictate another unless one allows for it?

It will be wise to remember that the spiritual journey, unlike any other journey, is full of paradoxes and to flow along with it, with wisdom, is rather a necessity, if not crucial. After all has been said, wisdom rules throughout. Hence having the intelligence to discern, a hallmark of wisdom, is an asset to all seekers of truth. To keep aspiring for wisdom is to see things wisely, to see things differently other than the norm of ignorance, and to see things correctly that enables one to put what is understood into right practice that leads to immediate result, hence allowing further faith to arise for deepening and expansion of wisdom. The journey is cyclic by nature.

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