The Game You Play

I am just an environment
giving you the freewill
to incept whatever ideas you wish
and with it
you get to experience the feeling
that accompanies it.

But be forewarned
the game you play in me
as you may lose yourself
and suffer in consequence.

For, you see
there is such things as wrong ideas
and right ideas
not that they are differentiated
to mean evil or good
but to mean
ignorance or wisdom
either leading
to seeming bondage
or simply free.

Like an amusement park
you can either enjoy playing those games
or be frightened by what you played
both are merely perceptions of your own.

Hence right view gives right perception
and with it follows freedom or joy
and wrong view gives wrong perception
making your experience a nightmare of sort
bringing fear that is unfounded and unreal
but yet so real to you
when you are in it.

Awake to me
and you will see I am merely an innocence space
a nature on its own
working out fairly
what has been incepted.

Don’t blame me
if you are unwell in mind
Don’t love me
if you are experiencing mental freedom
as I am merely
like a mirror,
reflecting what you intent.

2 Replies to “The Game You Play”

  1. Among the 2 below should we practice the 1st one as perception could be a defilement itself ? interested to know more :))

    right view –> right attitude –> right perception
    right view –> right perception –> right attitude

  2. Depending what you mean by perception? It could be ideas of the past that may have error in it.

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