A Mind without You

Imagine a computer that is not programmed and you have all the potentiality of inserting whatever script into it as to make it run according to how you want it. And when it is done, the nature of the computer will work exactly to what you input, except that you have to run it.

The nature of the mind works exactly what the computer does. It has its own nature according to the one who runs it. It has a life of its own, so to speak, due to what has been programmed. The only difference with the mind is that the programming is constantly changing, in relation to the person who experienced it.

In truth, the person who experiences the mind is not two different or separate experiences. The “person” is the mind, and the mind, the “person”. If you are trained to observe the mind with “you” getting out of the way, the experience of that moment will be such – the mind by itself already knows what to do and each time when an experience arises, which is a mind experience, you will observe that there is an already old attitude responding to it. That respond is a natural mind reaction, responding accordingly to what it has formerly been taught to do so. And that reaction is the new ongoing programme rewriting the mind so that it continues its existence.

Hence if you wish to write a new programme instead of the default rewriting, what do you think can be possibly done? Positive thinking? Not possible if you are not recognizing and first accepting what is already in the old program. But how can you accept the old program if you are not skilled in handling what is already here, especially since the mind will do its already way of reacting? What will be the best solution to this situation, which is in fact, the situation of the mind all the while as how we think and react is constant with what we have always done in the past.

Do you see that you need new information to this situation? Without new information it is impossible for the mind to know anyhow. Consider that the reaction was due to the way you only knew how to respond as you had not been taught any other way. What if you were to consider that the way the mind is already reacting is nature working its way. There is no you there when the reaction occurs as it runs according to what it has been scripted, again and again. You were not there for it as you were totally unaware when it happened or happens.

“Nature working its way” is a new information given to you. The next round when the same happens again, and when you are aware, can you just give the experience a voice but telling yourself that nature is working its way – it is not me who is reacting. By having this right attitude you are writing a new script into the mind. There are times just by having this right view, you will also experience you are no longer re-experiencing the reaction at that moment. It simply means that wisdom has taken place at that time, allowing the mind to move into a new direction, hence the old reaction no longer apply. Will this new experience of non reaction occur again in the future since the new script is written? Depends how strong your old script is and also whether wisdom will visit you the next time when you apply the new attitude nature is working its way

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