Show Me Who You Are

Craving, craving,
who are you really?
a force so strong
that drives me crazy
and makes me sick.

I can’t not want you
for that is you
I can’t not look at you
as you draw me in
forcing me to grief.

I tried searching for you
but yet many a times
you sneak behind me
becoming me
a thief robbing my freedom.

What else can I do
except to recognize your presence
and yet do nothing
and just to be mindful of you.

To act is to bring you in
to fix is to make you one
to run is to make you chase
to give up is to make you strong.

You are just nature
and so I was told
and to take you without resistance
with mindful compose
and to face you in the eye.

Having an attitude
that is right in effort
neither too much or too lax
probably effortless effort
simply observing who you are.

Until wisdom comes a calling
letting me understand you one more time
I just have to be awake not to be drawn
to your invisible web
so fine and yet so strong
at your mercy for another time.

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