An Unlearned Lesson

I thought you are, were
just as harmless as a tiny mouse
a simple wanting
an ordinary desire
of a tiny
of getting a gift
for my beloved teacher.

You come and go
as I am aware of you
not giving you too much
of attention
in case you grip me by my neck
and strangle me
as I have seen you before
drowning me in scheming and planning
I am wary of you
to regret later for that restless desire.

And yet you come one more time
and many more times
and I give a watchful eye
trusting myself that I am not
going to be hooked by you again.

And suddenly it came to my ear
a plan has been made
to deliver the gift
from an eavesdrop
of my beloved
without me knowing
and of course I am elated
but little did I know
you have already came
in through the back door
I have underestimated you

You wickedly intrude
in a different form
instead of wanting
you came in through my preference
as you know where my weakness is

The day came
and the gift unwrap by my teacher
I saw the little you rearing your head
and I knew I have to deal with the ugly you
underestimated you again.

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