The Eye

The eye
happily seeing
unknown to what
makes it see

until one day
it stood independently
the optic fibres
behind it
faking its seeing

though it sounded silly
and probably inaccurate
yet it serves
as a reminder
when “you” see
it is not “you” see
but views of the past
makes you see

you are never free
for dictated by views
you are imprisoned
making you see
what you have to see
not what you wish to see

there is no choice
no preference
no other
except conditioned
by past perception

if I tell you “you” do not exist
you will think I am mad
“you” like the eyeball
came out of “you”
and you will understand what I mean

It is all an error, my dear…
either it is ignorance
or simply wisdom,
working its way.

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