Memory, as it is

fearful dream
good dream
bad dream
loving dream
intense dream
dreaded dream
happy dream
scary dream
dream still remains a dream

fearful experience
good experience
bad experience
loving experience
intense experience
dreaded experience

happy experience
scary experience
experience still remains an experience

dream is dream
experience is experience
both passing, disappearing
nowhere to be seen
except in the memory

memories make it real
as if it is here to stay –
as if loved ones have “died”
or merely a passing experience;
as if possession is real
or merely a passing thought;
as if betrayal is true
or merely a holding on;
as if freedom is real or merely a contrast of opposite

memory – thou art seen!
making what is transient, permanent
what is no-self, self
what is unsatisfactory, satisfactory

oh what a lie
what an illusion
what a shame perception has done

except its own natural function of remembering…

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