The Last, yet the Beginning, frontier of Grip

as if stripped naked
helpless and vulnerable
the mind
looses its familiarity grip
of fear unknown
unthreaded territory
of domain never before experienced

yet a calling, a loving voice
to trust
to let go of residual unseen grip
of trying to hold tightly
in desperation for an identity

letting go
becomes now meaningful
only when recognition is given
to that tiny bit of grip
that looks little
yet so insurmountable
an illusion of mind
grasping dearly to exist

never before such been experienced
the frailty of uncertainty
bugging the mind
yet and yet
the voice never fails to call
to trust
to surrender
and to let go
the thread
of holding on
an opportunity of a lifetime
the severing of mind
the probable freedom of

yet not nothingness.

Door Opened

i did not see the door,
how then can i see it open?
hence not seeing
i know not i am in prison

knowing not in prison
whence is escape
not to mention free?
for the question of bondage was never in mind
hence in oblivion
in darkness
yet unknown.

even if door is known
and open is wide in welcoming
yet unknown is making me stay
for i know not
what is in store for me “out” there

If I am the Sun

If I am the Sun
I wouldn’t need to express
I am shining upon you
for if I am already That
occurring all the time
expression does not at all
come to mind
for I am already nature, shining

If I am Anger
I wouldn’t need you to know I am angry
for I wouldn’t know any other except angry
for I am nature, Anger

Do I need to express to you
I am breathing
if I already know I can’t be without breathing?

For what is already natural in me
I wouldn’t bring it up as an expression
except to know I am already that

Surely, hence if I were to express something
I am expressing a thing that I am not
except as an experience occurring of that moment
a contrast from any moment before
and taking it as true, I express it to you

If I am Love
I wouldn’t have express
I love you
for if I am already That
being all the time
expression does not at all
come to mind

But if I were to express to you
I love you
I can be sure I am not Love
except an arising of a loving experience
in contrast to what I was not a moment ago.
Hence, how can I then say I am Love?

Love as Unconditional Love
was never an experience
except a realization
And with that realization
you become That
and as you are That
you live as That
without needing to experience That
except your nature is That

Experience is one, Nature is another
With Nature, you are it without you trying to be it
With experience, you are merely savoring briefly
hence experiencing it one more time
when conditions were to arise.


An echo back… (from a soul seeker)

If You ARE Love
surely there is nothing to express
You are That
living as That
not even becoming.

When You ARE Love
You ARE nature
Love as Unconditional Love
in the world of conditions
because You ARE Unconditional.

only manifestation
words, actions
once again

You ARE Love
You are That
living as That
As That
in the midst of conditions.

as an end
as unconditioned effect
from unconditioned cause
beginning, ending
conditioned time and space
because it is unconditional.

to express not
is unconditioned
to express
is conditioned
in the presence of
the unconditioned.

From nature
to nature
as nature.
From Love
to Love
as Love.

– GG –