The Last, yet the Beginning, frontier of Grip

as if stripped naked
helpless and vulnerable
the mind
looses its familiarity grip
of fear unknown
unthreaded territory
of domain never before experienced

yet a calling, a loving voice
to trust
to let go of residual unseen grip
of trying to hold tightly
in desperation for an identity

letting go
becomes now meaningful
only when recognition is given
to that tiny bit of grip
that looks little
yet so insurmountable
an illusion of mind
grasping dearly to exist

never before such been experienced
the frailty of uncertainty
bugging the mind
yet and yet
the voice never fails to call
to trust
to surrender
and to let go
the thread
of holding on
an opportunity of a lifetime
the severing of mind
the probable freedom of

yet not nothingness.

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