Custodian of Dream

Separating me with the Dreamer
is only you,
the Custodian of Dream
an ancient protector
I am not unfamiliar with

I am free
to cross the Border
to reach out to the Dreamer
I have to come through You
subjected to your Law of Dreams
for you are not just an entity
waiting at the doorstep
but you are all over the Dreamer
enticing her to sleep for a little while more.

You are the exposed Dreamer
Temporary suspending
the Innocence from her Beloved
enjoying a dream that was never pleasant
But with your conjurer wand
you make what is unpleasant pleasant
and what is seriously unpleasant bearable
that is your skill of which until today
I am truly amazed!

There are some who begins to end their sleep
For reasons probably unknown to you
Of the pain which they knew is somewhat freaky
searching for a solution to end their woes
which I am sure
you will be the first to lend your conjurer wand
My job is to pay a courtesy call on them
Obviously with you still hovering around
Awaiting to strike your mighty sword of delusion
To bring her back to sleep again

Her freewill is not your command
Neither is it mine
And the battle is between your skill and mine
to lure her either to sleep again
or to gradually wake her up
of which I am sure we won’t switch roles!

And yes with a Law that I have to abide
I am now a dreamer in your Land
playing a game that is dangerous to my wellbeing
yet I am guarded by the Wakeful
of glimpses that I can never forget
except for moments of unconsciousness
to be awakened again in brief time

I do not have a conjurer wand
But I do have my Wakefulness
which with willingness of the Innocence
will gradually but surely awaken her
only if she is ready to step into Surrendering
of freewill that was never hers in the first place
but an illusion conjured by the Custodian
as a gift of conspiracy to deepened her dream

Until You are seen
Until I am seen

the Innocent will still be forever dreaming…

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