Unsung Story (followup from Giving up Conclusions)

she hunts her prey
feeding the hunger
that was never hers to own
yet she is the unknown servant
of Wanting’s need

The hunger never questioned
for Pain was just too unbearable
diverting her attention purposefully
as another scheming way
not one, not two but multitude
so as to blind her
to feed Wanting again

if only once
she were to look into Pain’s eye
she would have been quick to find
her doorway to escape
from Wanting’s grip
and yet it was never that way
neither was it that easy
for anciently it has been scripted
pain is for her to move away

Who would have ever thought
the very pain one detest
is the very door to escape from pain?
how witty the plot has been
to blind her from freedom’s gain
to meeting her Beloved
to Love once again?

Forgiveness – begins her journey out
or Wisdom – awakening to lie
either one, Hunger ends
or else waiting at each end
is Pain beckoning
to meet Wanting’s need
once more, again.

Wake up! Wake up one more time to Pain
mystery so ancient will begin to end
not once, not twice
but many times
again and again
with each step she is Known
as Lover becomes the Beloved.

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