An Unsung Ancient that Never Was

A gentle reminder it is
of what was ancient brought to Now
of experiences we thought were new
of triggers resulting in retaliations
of pledges prolonging in pain
of expressions living in vain
and of denial repeating again

it may be a hurt
or a so-called love
or an agenda of revenge
or a scheme of lure
a heartache of sort
of unknown cause
yet familiar and yet, unsure

behind the façade
behind the form
away from each storyline
of dramas, comedies and theatricals
of I love you
or I hate you
are merely stage shows, forgotten
figment of imagination,
of perception
brought into reality Now by ignorance

specialness loom from past
of long forgotten feelings
but not forgiven or released
tenaciously clinging-on to be precise
yet unknown of that moment
a link, a bond, created
as strong as anything one has ever seen

coming back one more time
in this life
here in the NOW
meeting, triggering, loving, attracting
a dance of karmic bond
repeating what we have all done in the past
We are all ghosts haunting one another
of storylines yet  to complete
finding our way in the ocean of samsara
simply to fulfill that momentary thirst
of connection
that we have not forgiven or release.

Behold Beloved, behold my dear Enemies
of apparitions
lodged insidiously in perception
churning out projections
which I thought was You

And soon as waking up always does
of dreams disappearing into thin air
of what seems real becomes unreal
unfettered by whatever bondage
the mind finally comes to rest.

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