Game of Reflection

a mirror’s job to reflect
the mind’s work a reflection

the mind
merely reflecting
a mirage
an illusion
that never was
never existed
never real

for that
Wisdom or Love
its quality reflected

drawn into the mind
a reflection no longer is
but now a dream
suck into oblivion
of ideas beginning to form
implicated to knots
and entanglement of sorts
forgetting the beginning
seeing no ending

and hence
stories churn
dramas unfold
comedies turn
miseries untold
a prison indeed it was
and yet a doorless one
where at any moment
once met

bondage was never real
nor is there freedom
what was Unconditioned.

Awake, awake
aware it is the mind
the source of the dream
where I, me or mine
a part of the illusion
only real within
but not beyond

Awake to the mirror
the mirror of the mind
awakening to the dream
was where Pristine ever was
never left
never born
never gone
never any of sort
simply Awakened

not you, not me
except in the dream.

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