Senselessness (The Enlighteneds’ Laughing)

am I… dreaming you
or you… dreaming me
or I … dreaming I
or “I” merely a dream?
of Dream dreams
like Perception perceives
or Consciousness conscious
or Feeling feels
of neither “you” nor “I”
except a conspiracy of a seeming split
seen from a strange angle
of separation that never occurred
like front and back of one thing
and yet seems to be two
a device unexplainable
brought you and me
as two separates
where I love you
or you love me
or I despise you
and you despise me
a weird scenario
where there
never was
never once
or even one moment
where separation was even possible
except again
seen from a strange angle
where distortion becomes real
where cause begins
and thus effect comes to play

where beginning has an end
and end, beginning too
and thus with birth, death exist
and with death, rebirth again
all from the mystery of a seeming split
never was, never occurred
never never possible
and yet, and yet….
how can it be?

what is this
what is going on
what is here
what never was
yet I am here
and you reading
See sees
Smell smells
Taste tastes
Hear hears
Touch touches
Think thinks
devoid of entity
a dance of sort
of cosmic play
not understood and not realized
hence separation prevails
inside outside
above below
vertical horizontal
near far
all but an illusion
of time
brought about
from one
moment of void
from emptiness
to form
and form
back to emptiness
yet nothing truly occurred.
Maya at play…

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