Presence Itself

I waited
you were not here for me
and when you waited
I was not aware of you
both missing each other’s presence
never once met.

and eventually when we finally meet
when you are present for me
and I am here for you
eye to eye, as close as it can get
mesmerized by what we both see and feel
yet in that very moment
you are only present to what is within your field of experience
never once to me,
similarly with my own experience too.

waiting for another thus has always been in vain
for nothing truly comes out of it
except probably betrayal and deceit
of what been expected never fulfilled.

yet if wait is to be experience at this moment
let one be wakeful to
the presence of what is already here
perfect as it is
irrelevant whether I am here for you or not
doing my own things
or looking into your eyes
in that brief stillness
a special bond arising
or “no-two” as you may call it
that is of full trust and surrendering.

in that sudden moment felt
the presence of the Beloved
has always been here for me
indefinable by distance
inseparable by bodies
but in union of “no-two”,
of Presence
permeating boundaries
of limited segregation
simply wonderful in experience.

not you, not me
but simply Presence.

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