Thandie Newton: Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself

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  1. She talks about being “alive” when acting. Isn’t that what we do every moment? Playing roles:- listener, watcher, mother, wife, worker, boss, etc. When aware of my function in my role, i’m at ease, alive to it fully, flowing along. When i forget and lost fixated in a role -that’s where i’m not in sync with nature, hence, the pain. You’ve taught me, that’s ok too. It brings mind back to my role playing. I’m beginning to understand the “magic” that you talk about. Thank you very much.

  2. Role and function is different. Role is a label given to the function. Function is the act itself. Hence when she is dancing the meaning of role disappear as if she is one with the act itself – dancing. Simply no dancer but dancing movement but no “her dancing”. For instant, perception is a function and when role comes into picture there is a perceiver – which is unreal. There is no perceiver as that indicates a “I am” which is an illusion. So listener, watcher, mother etc are all labels with the identity of “I” attached to it.

  3. YOu wrote in Meeting Myself:
    Quantum physics defies what Newtonian physics is all about. At the molecular level, the entire game changes. In fact it is totally in opposition to what is.

    What do you think happen in molecular level? Every each of the cell or at molecular level has its own consciousness or intelligence ( if we want to call it this way)..but truly it is again energy. It is amazing, how each of the cell can interact in an intelligent way, communicating with each other, moves in a purpose, function in a harmony ways …only when the energy get stuck by the egoic-mind ( ..negative thought, fear etc ) this energy get disrupted…later can appear as a disease anything you name it…cancer, heart problem, skin allergy, mental problem etc etc.

    In each of us (human form), each cell forms the tissue, organ ( but again it is just an energy..if we dissect the cell into molecular level, it is just an atom ..just a space ) . Each of us affect others as well , affect the cosmo as well ( earth, planet, sun etc ) and vice versa. Things always work in two ways…So the envinroment affect us too. Imagine it in energy form, we are just a ‘wave, or may particle or vibration’ moving non stop but with a purpose interacting with each other.

    Newtonian physics …scientists need to prove things before we can accept it. In medicine, it is all evidence-based. You know all along Newtonian physic has its limitation. You know Quantum physics is the answer but you just cannot prove it. Funny scientists are trying to prove Quantum physics now…built all the highest ever very sensitive equipment just to pick up the ‘energy signal’ but fail so far, i think. How to prove something that cannot be seen but can only be felt? or experience? We need to experience with higher consciousness or awakening only then we know what is true conciousness energy about. But this is just the basic of Quantum physics or whatever we want to call it…it is just our perception anyway. But you know much more than this…much deeper, much much deeper….

    Is that what are you trying to say here? That Quantum physics defies Newtonian…our ‘form body’ is just ‘an empty space’ in actual fact!!!

    What do you mean by “In fact it is totally in opposition to what is”.
    I dont understand the above statement…reading your blog is amazing …I can understand only certain things, not all yet..but I want to understand every sentence you pen-down. You pen -down every sentence with higher consciousness…sometimes it is beyond this world..beyond to some of us certainly…haha.

  4. Listen deeply and yet deeply
    In any chanced situation
    Putting aside interpretation and interference
    Yet that is not what you can “do”
    Except to notice them as they arise
    Seeing them thoroughly
    Not feeding them further
    Only then what is unseen becomes obvious
    To the trained eyes

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