The Unspoken Meaninglessness

Don’t go back to sleep.
Wake up.
Wake up to what truly is.

It is an exciting time for awakening
where realization comes easily
where past and future has no actual meanings
other than mere storyline arising in the Now.
as each story continues with a sequel

Storylines upon storylines
stacking up the Now
making what in origin eternity
now a glamor story of beginning and end
yet the end is still not truly ended
whence then can there be a real end?

Continuation is not eternity
as it has past to determine it
and future meanings to hold it tight.
thus beginning and end is but an illusion
played up by perception of memory flood
making each story a juicy fluid
and each experience a meaningful dream
of which there are times nightmare too.

Yet meaning or no meaning are still “meanings”
locked within the time bubble of falseness
away, totally forgotten, the “meaninglessness”
meaninglessness to you portray doom and helplessness
Yet that is not what it means
Except a meaning put by you.

Consider a time—if ever “time” does ever exist
No one object has a meaning
Until an idea of a meaning springs into mind
Now no longer a object but simply meaning
Even that what is “an object”?
Except another meaning to That?
What then is “That”?

“That” is “What” – do you not see how meaning work?

Thus shut-up, keep still
Be silence and stop all doing
Only then what is beyond “meaning” emerges
Unfolding for you to realize
What true meaninglessness is –


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