Now is the treasure trove of inquiries
Of unfound beauty hidden beneath the facade of seeking
When one brings forth inquiries
of Now what is not known
what is hidden, comes forth a surprise.

So let each inquiry always be for the now
Instead of from the now
inquiry to probe instead of to challenge
inquiry to realize instead of to instil
inquiry that opens up the heart
instead of reinforcing
inquiry not to seek an answer
but to let the answer finds you.

Within each inquiry an answer awaits, lovingly
For when there is no inquiry whence is there answer?
let the inquiry be wise
as to unfold the wisdom of answers
let the inquiry be opened
as to unfold unlimited potentials
let the inquiry be
for the sake of love
instead of fear

for when the step is rightly taken
what is not seen will be seen
what is seen will be made known
and what is made known
will be triumphed
and what is triumphed
will be gloried upon all

so let you not seek
but to see.

I see you.

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