Mirror Mirror on the Wall (1)

When you look into the mirror daily do you notice you are actually looking at the mirror rather than yourself? Yet that experience is not obvious as most of the time the image of ourselves stands prominently more than the mirror itself. Similarly, when you look around are you aware that the “things” around you which includes your body is actually a construct of the mind? Yet that too is not obvious as the “things” are more tangible and real than the presence of mind that cannot at all be verified, except to be known. In that context the mind does a better job than a mirror!

Just as the image of yourself in the mirror is not actually you except a construct of what the function of mirror can do, similarly the mind has the function of projecting itself outwardly making what is not there seemingly in existence. Take for instance, sound. It has long been known that there is no sound “out there” except an interpretation of the mind. Where there is no mind, there is no sound. A familiar question posed on this subject is when we are not in the forest hearing a tree fall, will the falling of the tree create a sound? For those new to this question, it is unimaginable that there is no sound since all the time in our lives anything that comes into contact creates a sound, hence it seems impossible or even insane to think there is no sound arising from such a massive fall of a tree. Yet as been proven by science, the mind merely interprets the frequency created by the contact hence the meaning of sound comes to be.

In other words all our senses of what we see, hear, think, smell, feel, touch, taste are all in reality translation of the mind projecting itself out thus creating a scene of uncountable experiences around us. Yet we are not conscious at all what the potential of this mind can do and thus the imaginative resistance or even holding on to what we experience as wrong or right. Bizarre as we  may one day realize, what we do to the world has not at all left the mind, for the world is the mind itself. Thus, when we resist or hold on we are actually, unknowingly, creating a strange illusion of trap, entangling itself in its own misperception. And to compound that further when one does not realize it is the mind, each entanglement creates further resistance and holding on, thus proliferating the illusion further. In reality, whatever it is, no matter how entangled the mind is, yet nothing actually occurs in the mind – for how can entanglement exist when the mind itself is formless? It is just a play of illusion, of ignorance of what is.

Thus, to be awakened to the mind and find its amazing power of contortion, an illusionist as real as a mirror, is truly a freeing experience. Each time whenever you see something, just remember seeing is happening as to mean the mind is doing the job of seeing. Similarly, when hearing of a sound occurs, just take notice hearing is happening. And when judgment arises, notice that is the the mind too. No one thing, object, or experience within your sphere of knowing cannot not be recognized as the mind, since the word “experience” is the mind itself. Explore interpretations, meanings, separations – you will be amazed the power of the mind in making all these real to your experience – yet it is only the mind :)

Slowly, but surely you will be amazed to recognize the mind in all facets of your life, playing a game of deception. Suddenly, life brings a newer meaning of freedom rather than being identified with survival, insecurity or wanting. Only then do you experience what true joy and happiness is. Enjoy your new found life of perception!

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