Perception: Disorder Syndrome

I think you are physically here
I’ve got it all wrong
I think you’ve left me
I’ve got it wrong too
you were neither here nor there
neither present nor have left
Except storylines churned out by the mind
of clever perception twisting reality

I think I am here
I’ve got it wrong too
I think I can one day die
I’ve got it seriously wrong
I think I have to be reborn
I’ve got the meaning wrong
if I am not here
not to mention there
where then is Now
with all its meanings of Past and Future
cleverly scripted by perception
of deception made real?

I never lived nor died
never conversed, never met
never born, never aged
never waited, never slept
never, never, never met the world
except the meaning of world within
even that is not true
except orchestrated by perception
played silently
with no one watching
no one cheering
no one clapping
no one crying
no one..
not even one, here,
except sculpted cleverly by perception

no thoughts to shoot
no ideas to remove
no beliefs to burn
no hate to churn
no anger to vent
except to witness
without a witness within
witness doing its work
recognizing, realizing, awakening

Until then,
I see you
I see myself
I am here, you are there
you will leave
I will be lonely
I will feel betrayed
I will feel grief
I will, I will, I will
… remember…
meaninglessly meaningful

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