Return to Surrender, with Wisdom Love

My friend recently commented that she is loving her new found life where she is freed from her past habits of calculative spending, freakish control over events, and manipulative scheming to be safe. She is becoming more conscious of her mind, more ready to surrender and more able to trust deeply. She also notice there is a deeper integrity to respond to situations instead of the habitual defensive reaction that she used to do in the past.

It is very difficult to understand or even perceive how could it be possible to surrender entirely and trust all will be taken off.  Many of us comes from learned perception of the need to strive, to control and to get what we want, and to go against that principle is unimaginable and incomprehensible. Yet if one were to realize all those principles were mere learned perceptions rather than ultimate reality, one could not help but to find ways to slowly break that notion and find new ways of living.

Consider that all our thoughts, speech or actions are motivated from perceptions of deep seated ideas unknown to us. And when we are not aware that they are merely ideas reinforced over years of beliefs, we will never question its validity and open up to a potential way of living life differently. One may dispute that the reality is such that everyone is doing the same hence it is an empirical truth and also that when one goes against that norm, repercussion is inevitable as always. That is exactly what ignorance does to perception – reinforcing what it experience from the past without further exploration why it cannot be otherwise.

One of the main reason to this is that we are never thought to address the cause but instead to change the effect. We try to change life by changing what we are doing, yet if our mindset is not change, what we do differently will not have a different effect in our lives. We have not been told and given the right information that the life we lived now has much to do with our mind, our consciousness, our perception. We have not been shown and hence not realized that we are constantly motivated by what is within our mind. Many a times our mind is motivated by fear instead of love. Whether it is fear or love, both are merely ideas deriving from perceptions. It is not that, one is better than the other. What we do not realize is that each has implication of varied experience of opposing degrees. Fear attracts lack and love attracts abundance. One is about depreciation, the other is about appreciation.When we come from the perspective of fear, probably unknown to us, we have no choice but to experience lack. Lack or fear are merely results of ideas we have never questioned in the first place. When we don’t notice this reality and vehemently tries to change what is outside through frustration or stress, we are merely going against our ideas instead of transcending them. Whenever we go against the mind, we are reinforcing what is within as nothing within the mind can be pushed away except to be noticed and realized. Only through realization can we see the folly of our beliefs and hence open up to change. Change of perception leads to change of action; it doesn’t work on reverse order. We can’t change the effect except from realizing the cause. Without the cause(s), effects cannot take place.

Imagine what can happen when your inner cause is love, motivated by wisdom. A world of difference awaits you as you are merely experiencing what is within the mind.

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