Realizing the Bigger Picture of Existence

The world is an amazing matrix of balance. A balance that is so natural and effortless that no conscious effort is required from anyone to hold it in balance. Though in the level of physical form, certain laws, obediences and restraints are required to make sure things are in conformity so as not to tip the balance of social norms and personal needs, yet that manmade act of so-called balance is in fact an imbalance itself that will somehow takes on its own natural course of balance or correction in due course.

There is a bigger natural state of Balance occurring at all times, each moment, each second of our lives that is beyond our slightest awareness. Even the act of awareness is being Balance on its own, naturally. And when we don’t acknowledged that Balance, we play the role of control freak in being a big brother in fixing situations or events that we felt is right so that the direction of the outcome is exactly what we desired. Often than not that act of so-called balance is more of enforcement created by self-cherishing thoughts that serves the inflation of the ego. Yet that is fine too as that unconscious act itself will somehow be balanced by Balance.

Look not too far outside the world, except our own minds and we will be startled to realize many of our unnoticed intentions and motivations has that big brother mentality of control freak within. Many a times it may not manifest itself as action or even speech but stayed lingering in the mind as upsets. Lets be truthful about this – we are all on the same boat facing these stuffs in varied forms all of the time, not knowing. And when we do not know, the Balance itself will take its own course and that one day will make us realize that what we do is futile to our own peace.

The Balance is not someone “up there”  or something that plays the role of punishing or pardoning, but rather a natural act of nature taking its own course. We can only perceive it as “someone up there” when we ourselves play that role of control and thus project it outside that surely there is someone larger or apart than us doing that – it is simply a reflection of what is within us.

The Balance, or sometimes called the Tao, is a force beckoning us to realize, to wake up to it, so that every act of our own is aligning to it, so as not to tip the imbalance that will result in its own balance – pain. Pain or suffering is a very good indicator of faith that somewhere Balance is balancing the imbalance of the ego movement.

The next time lookout at your perceived idea that propels motivation and intention – and you can find in it a natural course of Balance coming back to you in a resultant form. And that Only You will experience it alone in whatever form it takes. Until you wake up to this state of Balance, of cause and effect, you will keep erroring, but that is fine too!

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