The Mechanics of Creation

Whether we call it conscious creation or manifestation, both are merely referring to intention arising from the mind. And as the Buddha puts it succinctly – cetana is karma; literally to mean intention arrives result – every act of intention is continuing us to the next moment of our experience, whether we like it or not.

Intention, unnoticeable many a times, is what propels our thought, speech and action all the time. There is no one moment we are not propelled by intention, so long as we are awake. And that means we are constantly creating or manifesting all the time, moment to moment, in seconds, albeit unconsciously. The truth is that it is not us per se that is doing the creation or intention, but rather the presence of ignorance that is relating to each past conditioning. So long as wisdom is not at hand, to mean the discerning mind in recognizing ignorance at work, what we are experiencing each moment of non-realization, will be the result of ignorance intending.

Hence to create consciously is to mean having the wakefulness of wisdom to create. And that can only arise when we are consciously aware that ignorance is working – believing, and perceiving from past conditioning; and upon noticing it, one consciously create anew, not rejecting or resisting what ignorance is doing, but rather creating in parallel to it. Notice that each time we asked for something, which is to mean intent, we are not intending anew, but rather fixing what we do not like. When we do this we are perpetuating what ignorance is already doing – a matter of fact compounding what is already there. When we like something and wish more of it, we are also intending from ignorance, considering that we are liking something of the past rather than creating anew what we wish to experience. There was never an opportunity for a parallel reality hence what is already there has to perpetuate.

Consider this scene which I find relevant to share. Imagine I am working on getting a new house and there is much to do with beautifying it. So I go window shopping, getting furniture and fittings that will create the house that I wish to experience. Many a times there is a fear lingering at the background of the mind of how much the total cost of renovation it may entails. If you imagine this scene you may have wondered what intention am I creating each moment. The mechanic of creation is this – if I have, say, a 100 thousand dollar to spent on fittings, each moment as I look at the cost of each product, I am calculating what is there for me. It means that I am intending from limitation, rather than intending from what I wish to experience. Not that one is better than the other, except that whatever I intent, I have to experience its result later on.

Do bear in mind “money” is simply an exchange and not something that you have, though in illusion, it is what you have “accumulated”. But in truth what you have accumulated is merely a perception of value, not more of that. Thus, when you look from the eyes of whatever meaning of value, you are already creating consciously or unconsciously from that space.  If you are merely valuing what you wish to experience, putting aside the cost that is limiting your value, you will be surprised by the result which comes to you later. And if you are valuing the amount of money you have, you will have to experience the result of that value too. Remember, the mind is all you have, and that is what you have to experience!

Recently I met a friend who has also shifted into a new home and he told me that the cost of renovation was never in his mind and he just proposed to the contractor what he wished to experience. To his amazement, weeks down the road, the project he got supports what he needed for the new home.

To recapitulate, if I wish to buy, say a handphone, I am intending on the beauty of the phone rather than the meaning of budget I have in mind. When I intend on the budget, I am intending from a space of limiting possibility, hence what I get is simply limiting. To a logical mind, that is what it is – we don’t do things out of our budget – and to go against it is insanity and disastrous! No, I am not requesting one to go against what the mind has already portrayed or intended. Rather, I am inviting one to realize what the mind is already intending, and seeing its limitation, start intending from a new space of what one wish to experience and just go for it. When you are doing this you are not trying to fix what is already here but to create a new parallel reality. Both are intention, one from ignorance of the past, the other, wisdom of the now – and let the future unfold according to what one intend consciously or unconsciously from the now. Try it out on little things and see the result that comes to you.

There is no mistake of what comes in the future. What you get is what you intent, either from ignorance or wisdom. Period. No one to blame, not even oneself – except to realize there is no victimization or victim at any point of a moment, except whether one is awake or not.

The mind is in your hand – use it for liberation rather than being bonded by it.

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  1. “When I intend on the budget, I am intending from a space of limiting possibility, hence what I get is simply limiting”….Master i was exactly in this space before this,this phrase is really enlightening.Thanks

  2. When you realize it for yourself instead of a second hand knowledge, words become meaningful. :)

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