The Voice In Your Head

do you hear the voice in your head speaking?
of requests,
judgements and
which you have taken for granted
as your own
hence believing it entirely
and succumbing to its senseless order?

wake up dear
as it is no longer a request
or opinion
or judgment
or even comment
but merely a statement
of mirage
of shadow
from the past arising to meet you again

“she is insensitive”
“you are wrong”
“I am not good enough”
“I hate you”
all and ALL are but just voices in your head

They are NOT a comment
nor an attack, or even a curse in your head
but merely a statement of old
coming to your head one more time
of power you gave to it from the past
now meeting you again to bid goodbye
yet if you listen to it
as a meaning, a comment
you give it power again
where it will meet you once again,
in the future
irrelevant whether the theme is the same person
or a same event or situation

so wake up, wake up dear
before you hurt yourself imaginary
or hurt others in their own imagination

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