Another World in View

It is funny that when you become familiarised with the mind, and the way you look at it changes over time. Due to realizations and wisdom, you will start to take notice that the things outside you, the world, so to speak, comes in the form of images. At this moment you may see the world in a video-like motion, as if everything is in a continuum of processes. Yet, over time there are glimpses of images appearing, rather than motion. The images are in reality occurring at the level of the mind, but seemingly projected outward as separated from seeing.
It might feel kind of strange in the beginning, but when a sense of stable and keen observation comes into place, you will realise that there is actually only you alone in the experience, experiencing everything around you. Though seemingly, there may be people moving around you, in actual fact what you experience in those moments are images of your mind in clips or motions. The sound they make, the voices that comes from them, the seemingly beauty out there are all actually playing out in the mind. It is as if there is only knowing and known. And in those moments, if you are fortunate, you will also notice that there is only experiencing happening but no experiencer. The sense of experiencer is very much an experience rather than someone or somebody looking at it.
Many a times when these glimpses of reality occur, there is a sense of stillness, or you may call peace, prevailing at that moment. There is also a sense of impartiality, observing what is going on, as if, like an entire universe been played out in front of you. Yet the you is also part of the whole scene. Strange enough, upsets or judgments, if ever were to be conditioned to arise due to its familiarity of conditioning, do not arise. There is also no intense joy or intense outburst of ahas but merely knowing and known, a single process of different sides. It is what the Buddha termed it as namarupa, to mean mind and object (to mean known by the mind) arising to each moment.
This experience cannot be done, nor can it be expected. Yet, it comes when conditions for it arise. It gives you a new perspective of viewing the world as a not-two experience but rather as merely “happening” happening. It is like a dance of nature taking its own time, arising and disappearing, as briefest as a brief moment can be. As if there is a great silence in it though there are on going of sounds happening as in any daily moments. “I” at that point is nothing more than just a happening – together in the image of a temporary light-projected image to be replaced yet by another. It is impossible to try visualising what it is like and hence the sharing I make here is just for my own historical diary, a renaissance of what it is in a journey that is less travelled. To express it into words is an impossible task, yet that is the very best of what that comes up in my mind at this moment upon reflection. It is still work-in-progress as the journey of self-realization gets a little more exciting and queer :)

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