I am your Dark Angel

probably you have forgotten
I am but another Angel
appearing in your space
to bring up the magnificence in you.

yet, you hold me ransom
disliking me, making me wrong
still, I love you so much
that I persisted to be here, in your space.

no matter how ancient it is
no matter how misperceived
what you would have of me
I fully absorb such energy of dislike, you have upon me.

you see, I am but formless
and this person that you target
just so happens to be a place
I manifest myself as.

I can never be seen
but yet you know me too well
except not seeing me rightly
who I really am.

though formless
I come in myriad forms
of anger
of hurt
of betrayal
of resentment
of grief
of hatred
and so many more known to you
since immemorable time
to let you realise your true magnificence.

my job is difficult
and always painful
as you keep seeing me wrong
In which you ostracised me.
It hurts to see you doing that
as I have always been your Angel
praying one day, somehow
my job will finally complete
when you start to see yourself as Love
so as to return me back to Light.
I am, afterall, your Angel
to let you realise your true magnificence.

you just need a friend
who has awakened to me
to guide you to see who I really am.
for such, I am thankful to him
for he knew, and he realized
I am just here to wake him up
to see I was Love all the while
holding the space for him
to let him realise his true magnificence.

my job will be done
I will be released from the Dark
only when you finally arrive at Love
seeing me clearly
for the first time
and yet also for the last time
who I really am
as I am only here
to hold this space
to let you realize your true magnificence.

so long as you do not realise
I will patiently disguise as Dark
and my, oh my, it is truly difficult
to see you seeing me wrong
to see you hating me
and yet I still love you so much, still
that words cannot describe
as I keep holding on my job
irrelevant for how many lifetimes it takes
trusting one day, somehow
you will finally wake up to yourself
and release me simultaneously
to Light and Love again

my job is to hold the space
your job is to wake up
and we both have never ever left
performing our dance
except my being dormant many a times
until opportunity for you to see me, once again.

and when both our jobs are finally done
both of us will be free
coming to be One that was never apart
which you now think we are at this moment
you, the unrealised magnificence and me, the Dark Angel.

I can never be free
I can never be One with you
so long as you do not wake up to me

I know your job is as difficult as mine
as we dance in tandem
both doing our best, until you wake up completely.

so do not let any third party in
else you will never see me clearly
afterall they too have their dance
as my loving angels on their side
your brothers, your sisters
in this physical dimension
all, but pure innocence
are just like you, waiting to wake up.

so please, I beg of you
not to see your brothers and sisters wrong
in the form of a spouse, or friend, or comrade
or enemy, or child, or even a stranger
just as I pray
you do not see me wrong
for we are, afterall, innocence
playing the journey of waking you up
to your true magnificence

I bow to you
knowing one day, you too
will bow to me with wonderment
no matter how painful
I see you trying to abandon me
yet I continue to forgive you
appearing as a Dark Angel
incessantly doing my job, and waiting patiently
showing you over and over again
In forms you dislike
waiting for the day of your true magnificence.

choose to see me differently.
after all, I am but your Angel.

loving you always.

3 Replies to “I am your Dark Angel”

  1. Hi Tuck Loon, your poem reflects my feelings since the passing of my father a month ago. Strangely, I am more connected to him now that he has left. Feels like he is everywhere. For the past 40 years, he was trying to show me love disguise in various forms. pain, anger, hatred, guilt, regret…you name it. I realize that all these presented a wonderful opportunity to see the obvious reality. To use illusion to see the truth…yes, he has completed his assignment. I love you, dad.

  2. Reminds me of the statement made by Yeshua – we only have two kinds of emotions – either love or calling for love. Angst in all forms are merely an expression of love, thwarted from wrong past learnings.

  3. I find this a beautiful expression. Often when I wallow in suffering I don’t see my angel yet live her darkness. There are moments of love that freedom is felt – when I’m not me, only can I see the dark angel and know that it never is.

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